Call for Articles

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of FALASIFA, I am happy to announce that the journal is now open for delivery. We invite you to submit articles on any topic that is part of the journal editorial calendar as well as additional topics of interest to our journal.

FALASIFA is a multidisciplinary journal focusing on Islamic studies covering Islamic Education, Islamic Education Management, Islamic Thought, Islamic Economics, Islamic Politics, pesantren, family education, community education and other Islamic studies. Published twice a year, March and September.

The journal is published 2 times per year (April and September) and incorporates longer feature articles (Indonesian, English and Arabic) with short document reports and longer book review articles (Bahasa Indonesia). All published articles are available online. These articles undergo a rigorous peer review process. For more details on shipping standards, please see our website at:


The journal is managed by editors at STAI Al-Falah As-Sunniyyah Kencong Jember, but has a prominent international advisory board, including scientists from Indonesia and Malaysia. This journal will address issues important to Islamic scholars, researchers and researchers in Indonesia as well as those interested in the Islamic Studies and its broader context in Southeast Asia.

We would appreciate your kind to help distribute this announcement to your associated academic circle.

Best regards,

Moch. Khafidz Fuad Raya
Editor in Chief