FALASIFA : Jurnal Studi Keislaman

Falasifa: Jurnal Studi Keislaman, published by STAI Al-Falah As-Sunniyyah Kencong Jember. This journal contains Islamic studies covering Islamic Education, Islamic Education Management, Islamic Thought, Islamic Economics, Islamic Politics, Pesantrens, Family Education, Community Education and Other Islamic Studies. Published twice a year, March and September. Editorial Address: Jl. Semeru No. 09 Kencong Jember 68167 Tel. (0336) 324249. Fax (0336) 322279, Web: http://staifas.ac.id, OJS: https://ejournal.staifas.ac.id

Editor in Chief : Faisol Hakim
Country of Publication : Indonesia
Publisher : STAIFAS-Press
Format : Print & Online
ISSN (Print) : 2085-3815
e-ISSN (Online) : 2527-8711
Frequency : Biannual
Publication Dates : March & September
Advance Access : Yes
Article Processing Charges : No
Types of Journal : Academic/Scholarly Journals
LCC Subject Category : Philosophy. Psychology. Religion: Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.: Islam
Open Access : Yes
Indexed & Abstracted : Yes (DOAJ; GoogelScholar; Moraref; Sinta; and more..
Policy : Peer-reviewed
Review Time : Eight Weeks¬ Approximately
Copyright : CC-BY
Contact & Submission e-mail : 085733331117 adjurnal@inaifas.ac.id

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